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Hello everyone, this is Kawaii Gaara (was Yukisan at Animelyrics.tv). Konnichiwa~~~
I was very destroyed by the fact that Animelyrics has went down due to an unfortunate circumstance and decided to open my own section for everyone to be able to enjoy Anime lyrics. This community will be available for all.

However, memberships and what can be posted are all moderated by me to keep things organized. If you wish to join please request one but you do not need to join in order to look at the lyrics. The membership is only if you wish to help me post new lyrics done by you. You will need to submit (aka make a comment in the submission post, PM me, e-mail me) your lyrics along with the original kanji of whatever lyrics you want posted. This is to assure that you are the one that has done the transliteration or translation of that particular lyric and to assure accuracy. I have the right to delete any posts.

Thank you for your cooperation and please enjoy your stay~
Yoroshiku Onegai Shima~su!

Disclaimer: All original works/lyrics belong to their rightful owners and does not to the comm. No copyright infringement intended, just for everyone to enjoy and sing along~ =^W^=